Nuevo sensor de corriente VAC, para Irms = 1000 A e Imax up hasta +/- 2500 A

New VAC High Current Sensor I rms = 1000 A and I max up to +/- 2500 A

VAC is the technology leader in DC and AC current sensing, providing a wide range of products to the industry. VAC owns state of the art R&D facilities and worldwide manufacturing sites, offering outstanding product quality at low cost.

The VAC-invented measuring principle of the closed – loop sensor with magnetic probe as a zero field detector is distinguished by maximum precision of the current detection. Major applications for the VAC current sensors are variable speed drives, photovoltaic inverters, welding inverters, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and switched mode power supplies. The detected currents range from 6 A rms to 700 A rms.